The Outlaw Syndicate


Greyhound syndicate, presented by Simon Law

I have been involved in Greyhound ownership now for over 30 years and  found it to be very exciting for a relatively small outlay. I have had dogs trained by David Pruhs (certainly the top trainer local to me) and  Mark Wallis (champion trainer many times) and one of the most up and coming trainers in the country Jason Bloomfield.

I decided to form the Outlaw syndicate to give owners a chance of  owning a share in good quality greyhounds at a reasonable price. We buy  dogs to compete in open class races or dogs we hope to improve to that  level, but also place them with trainers who run them at tracks that are  shown on Racing Post Greyhound Tv or on Sky Sports. Since the start of  the syndicate we have had open class wins at Romford, Henlow, Harlow,  Mildenhall, Yarmouth and Nottingham.


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We have recently retired Edison and we have 2 other greyhounds who are coming to the later stages of their careers, so I am looking for 2 new greyhounds for the syndicate.
One will be a dog that has proved himself, and has the attributes I am looking for, but with room to improve. The other will be an unraced puppy. It will be well bred and come from one of the 2 breeders I have now done enough business with to trust and respect their judgment. This gives us the chance to buy a seriously good dog for reasonable money, as nobody knows for sure how much the dog will improve once it starts to race. The 10% shares will be between £200 and £500 each depending on the cost of the dog, and training fees are £20 per calendar month. All prize money is kept in the bank until the end of the dogs career (to cover any unexpected vets bills) and then shared equally between the owners at the end of the dogs career. If a dog has an injury free career 10% clients can expect around £500 without any big wins. If a dog wins a big competition the prize money would be divided straight away to shareholders.



Only shareholders in each individual dog get the information on their dog. The dogs will be trained by Jason Bloomfield at Henlow or Laurence Tuffin at Nottingham, depending on what dog I buy. 

We have had plenty of success in the past at big meetings on Sky and Racing Post Greyhound Tv and most of the dogs races can be seen in bookmakers shops and websites or on TV if you are unable to attend the race meeting. I hope you are interested in joining the syndicate for what is a very reasonable price for a very enjoyable experience.


If you are interested in joining the next syndicate please contact us:

(Please Note that all Outlaw Syndicate Shareholders get a free membership to the Greyhound Service at no extra charge)

2019 Update

The Outlaw Syndicate had a mixed 2019 with one dog retiring through injury and Tree Top Blue has also been retired after a very successful 2019 which included 8 wins. 

We still have four very good dogs in training,

Outlaw Yahoo is a strong staying bitch who suits races up to 915 metres and recorded 5 wins in 2019 despite a lack of staying races which is what she really needs.

Rocket Robbie is an early paced 4 bend runner who is still getting stronger and won 8 races for us in 2019 , and started off 2020 with a bang when winning at 6/1. There are many more races to be won with him.

Glasheen Pixie is an early paced bitch who keeps getting little problems but has been a really good dog on her day but she nearing the of her career.

Deadly Expert is the most expensive Greyhound I have been involved with, and has been kept back since arriving from Ireland to target the Greyhound Derby. A competition I would love to win. His trainer Laurence Tuffin never gets too excited about his dogs ability but loves this dog. 

Due to the retirement we are now looking for some new blood for the syndicate. Cost of shares obviously depend on the price of the dog, but training fees for a 10% share are only £20 a month! All prize money ( unless it's a big competition) won is  kept in a bank account in case of any serious vet bills, and then when the dog retires all the funds are share out between owners. I am looking to buy two dogs. One to place with Laurence Tuffin who is at Nottingham , but will soon be moving to the newly reopened Towcester and one with Jason Bloomfield who trains at Henlow. 

If you require anymore information please don't hesitate to email me at


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